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Imagine a place, sparkling with colour, where anyone from anywhere of any age can paint to their heart’s content, without comparison or competition…
arnosternfacebookphotoArno Stern in his Paris Closlieu(Copyright: Arno Stern, Arno Stern Official facebook page)

Honed by Paris-based pedagogue, philosopher, writer and researcher Arno Stern over a period of more than 70 years and adopted by hundreds of practitioners around the world, Le Jeu de Peindre – Painting-Play – is now available for the first time ever in Singapore. Click here to book now!

Painting-Play provides an opportunity for spontaneous self-expression in a safe and stimulating space, known as the Closlieu (pronounced Kloh-lyeuh). It provides an opportunity for play and flow. It provides a framework within which the painter is empowered in the natural evolution of their unique skills and potential

There are no losers in Painting-Play. Each painting-player is the hero in their own individual and infinite painted play – acted out in the presence of others, in solidarity, not competition. 

As with any game, there are some important rules – the most vital being no judgement. Painters do not comment on or judge their own painting or that of anyone else in the room. (However, participants are not sworn to silence! On the contrary, they may talk about anything, except the paintings.)

Each painter works individually on their painting, yet shares the space and resources with the other painting-players, thus allowing for independent creativity within a warm and welcoming social setting. 

Paintings are NOT taken home. They are permanently archived and remain in the Closlieu, but are accessible for future Painting-Play sessions or viewing, whether face to face or digitally.

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Lucy Shaw, certified practitioner of the Arno Stern approach.

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(This website’s main image features a detail taken from the cover of the book “Le Jeu De Peindre” by Arno Stern, published by Actes Sud, (2011), courtesy of Arno Stern).

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