March marched by at such a pace!

What a month March has been! I have been so busy at school with my “We LOVE Art” group making the set for “Aladdin” and props for the “Around the World” gymnastics, cheerleading and martial arts show, co-organising an international students theatre festival, staging mini-Shakespeare plays and drama club shows, weaving CDs for the Sierra Leone primary school fundraiser… plus the vernissage of my group exhibition at the Villamagna art gallery, which then just sort of hummed along in the background all month, thankfully taken care of by Mireille Desgeorges, dynamic powerhouse of a president and the rest of the Villamagna association. Mireille and I invited Django’s CE2 class along to see the exhibition and subsequently create their own works of art in class, inspired by sketches they had made of their favourite artworks. I loved to watch their gazes focus intently as they entered each new room. They were so engaged and respectful. Such a worthwhile excursion, now to be regularly repeated, since the gallery will now be opening specifically for school groups on Fridays!

Oh, and I’m delighted to say that these two lovely ladies have found a new home;-)


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