Catching Dreams

img_8418img_8403img_8406This summer, the kids and I got hooked on making dreamcatchers, first of all to catch the bad dreams my daughter had been having and then just because it was so much fun! We collected the feathers from our birds (5 hens, 4 ducks and 2 geese) that were floating around our garden and wove odds and ends of wool, ribbons and threads through supple twigs pruned from our hazelnut, lilac and grapevines. I have a collection of single well-loved earrings that I had kept over  the years “just in case” and lots of pretty beads of all shapes and sizes to give the webs extra positive energy too. We put together a little kit so that we could even make them on long car journeys and on camp sites! By the end of the summer we had made at least 20! We have them dotted around the house and we gave lots away, but these as-yet-homeless or unfinished ones are still hanging in my bedroom…

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