Borneo Fundraiser art

I was asked by some older students to donate some of my work for an art auction to raise funds for reforestation in Borneo. The first thing that came to mind was my leafy triptych on loan to AncrAges association. However, it seemed so perfect in the food bank distribution room, that I couldn’t bear to take it. Instead, I decided to create new art to voice my own passion for global rainforest and biodiversity conservation efforts – and one of my favourite animals too, the orangutan. We have been donating to the Bruno Manser foundation for years and had received a print of a map drawn by the Penan tribespeople, as a thank you gift.  I used that as a starting point for one and an old wood-framed mirror for the other. The painting on the mirror allows the viewer to see their own eyes in the eyes of the orangutan.

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