Painting A Picture Of Ecology

Michèle Stern painting in the closlieu, courtesy of Arno Stern.

André Stern talks and writes about the Ecology Of Childhood and how, if we are to protect the future of humanity, we need to to start thinking about protecting and nurturing childhood. The limitless potential of a natural, intuitive child is literally our only hope – and they are an endangered species! The human race will not survive without allowing children to flourish.

George Monbiot’s daughter’s painting. Photo by George Monbiot. Published in The Guardian 13th May 2020.

The visual language that occurs in the closlieu – it’s mother tongue, “the formulation“, is an endangered language too. When I read George Monbiot’s excellent article and saw the painting by his daughter in The Guardian this morning, I was thrilled by his insightful perspective and struck dumbfounded by the similarity it bore to some of the infinitely expansive and expressive paintings that have emanated from other children (aged 3 to 103) when they are allowed to create without judgement, without competition, without comparison to others.

When life and learning is about the process instead of output and the bottom line, it becomes about attitudes. When we stop competing and comparing ourselves to others, we remember we actually are all in this together and the ones who survive our crisis will be the ones who connect and who choose love and wonder instead of fear.

Children’s paintings in the closlieu, from Le Jeu De Peindre, p. 86. Copyright Actes Sud (2011)

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