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Prerequisites:  The ability to hold a paintbrush. Painting-Play is multi-generational, inclusive and egalitarian.

Painting-Play is a process-based approach to painting, play, self-expression and well-being.

Participants agree to leave their paintings in the care of the Closlieu, where they will be named, dated and carefully preserved by Lucy Shaw, a certified practitioner. Lucy has been trained personally by Arno Stern in Paris to discreetly ensure that the conditions are right for painting-play to occur and natural, spontaneous self-expression to arise (“la formulation”), for example by facilitating the access to materials, making sure every one is comfortable and adopting a completely non-judgemental stance.

In this alternative art studio, there will be no exhibitions. However, if painting-players would like their family or friends to see their paintings, they are welcome to invite them to make a private appointment at the Closlieu.

Learning, skill development and a heightened sense of wellbeing will increasingly be noticed over time, therefore it is highly recommended to attend Painting-Play sessions regularly – ideally around once a week, month upon month, year upon year. Of course, this can take school holidays into account.

PRICING – all sessions are 90 minutes.

Launch promotion valid until end August: 5 x launch price $50 sessions for the price of 4! (i.e. $200 per person for 5 sessions to be taken by 31st August.)

From 1st September 2020: One-time discovery session: $60 per person.

Back to school promotion: $360 for 7 sessions to be taken between 24th August and 9th October 2020.

Private group (up to 5 people) one-time session: $300.

Book a time that suits YOU. Different timings and tailored packages available on request. Contact Lucy: Whatsapp/call +65 929 6471 or email lucyshawlet at or book directly on Facebook


We are located on the 3rd floor of the red building, next to Spruce fire station restaurant, 262 Upper Bukit Timah Road, #03-03, 588207 Singapore

I love our location and premises and want them to be accessible to all, but unfortunately we are on the third floor with no lift. Do please contact me if you have any questions about accessibility and also if you know of alternative ground floor premises which might be available from January 2021!


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