Tailor-made art for special people

These were each made especially as gifts for people who are very dear to me. I love to make art this way – to pour my heart and soul into something that I know I will be giving to someone I love. I feel like I am sending hours and hours of pure love and joy to that special person as I work.
DSC_0039For my motherIMG_2047For my sister and her husbandimg_3603.jpgFor my cousin’s wedding.IMG_0575For DodsIMG_3947For baby Lula, inspired by her wonderful name and her long-awaited arrival.IMG_4580For Emilia, the kindest maman-de-jour ever.DSC_0015Huckelberry and Shao Long from the Culture Cubs DVDs they loved to watch, for my daughter’s 2nd birthday.DSC_0016 Both kiddies riding a T-rex in their PJs for my son’s 5th birthday.DrunkFor my husband, but now “looked after” by a dear friend who coveted it for years until we moved to Singapore:-)

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